*Please stay tuned for TESTIMONIAL video clips. 

“I am so excited to have a way to connect with my students when they are out in the general education classrooms. The application gives my students prompts when I am not there to prompt them. I also appreciate the ability to text my students and give them positive feedback throughout the day.” -H.S. Case Manager

”The I-Connect Application truly helped my student to set a goal and monitor his own progress. It was easy to use and not at all a disruption to the class.” -H.S. General Education Teacher

“I was able to watch 4 of my students participate in a pilot test for the I-Connect application. What an improvement in classroom performance! The students used the citizenship page to monitor their on-task behavior.” -H.S. Case Manager

“I witnessed an obvious increase in my students assignment completion. The I-Connect citizenship application helped the student to stay focus during long lecture periods. The student also became more aware of his assignments, grades and progress in my class.” -H.S. Science Teacher

“I really like being able to keep track of my attendance using I-Connect. It was so easy. The citizenship application helped me to pay attention in my science class.” -H.S. student with IEP in general education class

“I-Connect helped me to stay on task in my class. The feedback I got from my mentor through the I-Connect device was cool.” -H.S. student receiving special education services